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2016-05-19 01:00 am

Miscarriage/Abortion - just saving some thoughts.

I read this piece and in reply to it developed the following thing

The author speaks of that it should be up to the woman to define if the weeks-old fetus that left her body: If it was a child or a tissue. And I agree, and it seems quite logical to me - because grief is not about what we lost. It is about them who lost it. A funeral isn't there for the dead person, it's for the person they left behind.

I don't think that it is necessarily a clash between miscarriages and abortions. This is something that I took back with me from Japan, but there are aborted fetuses of any stage who are mourned just as a miscarried one would be. And the other way around, as I witnessed in my sister, there are miscarriages that are not mourned at all. An aborted child could have been unable to live if born, or it could not have been possible because other children in the family would not have received enough care anymore, or because it would have endangered the mother's life, or it could not have been a good idea for any other reason, but the mother/parents can still mourn it. Or a miscarriage could have been of a fetus that was unnoticed so far, or unwanted, or something else that made the fetus leaving naturally a good thing.

I feel like it's a harmful dichotomy to make, and one partly born out of a culture that didn't consider stillborn or miscarried babies worthy of a funeral until only a few years ago, that refuses to talk about miscarriages and makes women suffer in silence when they mourn them, and at the same time criminalized people for an abortion until not that much longer ago and still shames them for it. Neither is something that you talk about. Neither is something that you admit to outside of close friends, if you're lucky. So how would we develop a proper mourning culture for wanted fetuses of either kind?
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2015-02-25 04:50 pm

Active muses

The nation that will once be Russia. Looks 6~8 years old, short for his age. Cheerful, not entirely sane.
Accounts: [personal profile] romanovs, [personal profile] muscovy, [personal profile] motherland
Game: [community profile] ataraxion Eachdraidh, Roleplayedingly, Mayfield, Amatomnes, A-Facility, Carriero, Aungier
Axis Powers Hetalia

Muscovy | info
The kingdom of Sweden. Stoic, scary, shy, speaks curtly, but a giant closet moe. Likes do-it-yourself work.
[personal profile] hustru, [personal profile] scares, [personal profile] rules_the_north, [personal profile] ruotsi
Game: [community profile] arda_marred Save the Earth, Discedo, Mayfield, Amatomnes, Queen of Hearts, RPDly, Institute, Asgardeventide
Axis Powers Hetalia

Sweden | info

Maeglin (Sindarin, from his father Eöl), Lómion (Quenyan, from his mother Irissë/Aredhel). Traitor of Gondolin. Dark and gloomy but can be passionate. Miner and smith.
Accounts: [personal profile] mining_mole, [personal profile] tiny_mole
Game: Arda_marred

Maeglin | info
Fingon the Valiant, Findekáno Nolofinwion. Briefly High King of the Noldor. Bears good will to all. Lookit.
Accounts: [personal profile] goldenplaits
Game: Aather

Fingon | info

Daughter of Thrain, Sister of Thorin, mother of Fíli and Kíli. Someone gotta keep all the boys in line.
Accounts: [personal profile] durinsdaughter, [personal profile] movingon
Game: [community profile] arda_marredDemeleier
Tolkien's Middle-earth Compendium

Dís | info
Mechanic, skald. 21. From postapocalyptic Finland. Curious and capable. Generally friendly and quite chatty.
Accounts: [personal profile] unimmunized
Game: Arda-marred
Stand Still. Stay Silent.

Tuuri Hotakainen | info

Länskrim Malmö. Police detective. Neurodivergent. Will slap you for answers if you're passed out.
Accounts: [personal profile] svenska
Game: N/A
The Bridge

Saga Norén | info
Seregil í Korit Solun Meringil Bôkthersa. Totally not a spy, why are you asking.
Accounts: [personal profile] exbrick
Game: N/A
Nightrunner Series

Seregil | info

The greatest mind of the Eldar. Sadly not the wisest. Also available in preteen!AU!flavour as Feivel Arandale.
Accounts: [personal profile] highly_gifted, [personal profile] lightcatcher
Game: [community profile] thelegion Savetheearth, Eachdraidh

Fëanor | info
Natalja (Natascha Andrejewna) Suchanowa; Orc; Rigger, specialized in ships; good at surviving, bad at social niceness.
Accounts: [personal profile] orcish
Game: [community profile] arda_marred

Rán | info

Add/active | Technically available
Games (past & present)
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2014-11-10 01:20 pm

[fanfic] Maedhros, Fingon

Title: Under a tree
Rating: G
Notes: Can be read as both friendshippy and romanticshippy.

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2012-11-25 09:42 pm
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Fanfics to remember

SuFin Åland Sealand | Hetalia | Worth waiting for
England/Wales Ireland N.Ireland Scotland Sweden Finland America Sealand Portugal India Belgium Denmark France Monaco and others | Hetalia/AU | love taught me to lie
Spain/Netherlands mentioned past Austria/Spain with kids | Hetalia/AU | Meeting at a laundromat
England/Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, Prussia, Austria, America, Canada, Switzerland, Italy | Hetalia/semi-AU | Between the Spaces + Night Like This
Prussia/Romano, Germany, Spain, Italy | Hetalia | Nobody fulfills a fantasy like Prussia
Canada, Russia, England, France, America | Hetalia | Unconditional
Sweden, Finland, Sealand | Hetalia/AU | Slithering in Silence
Sweden, Finland | Hetalia/Semi-AU | A quick recreational activity after a long period of war (Shaving)
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2012-09-22 10:32 am

{fanfic} M'wife

Title: M'wife.
Rating: A
Characters/pairings: fem!Su/male!Fin, male!Nor/fem!Den, Ice; Set some point during the Kalmar Union
Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia
Warnings: Sweden and Denmark are genderbent/sexswitched; this takes place in a sauna = everyone's naked; very light mentioned violence; mention of impotence.
Summary: There actually IS a reason why Sweden calls Finland her wife.
Beta: Thanks to [ profile] cognitiveleague!
Notes: Written two years ago for the Nordic 5 Secret santa Exchange but I still love it and wanted to edit it slightly and hnghhhh I just love this piece.

That this time, for once, something didn't start with Sweden and Denmark getting into a fight. )